Natural refreshment

The Antigone Estate offers your own private pool area. Walk out of the Residence, through the patio and directly to your pool. No chlorine is used to filter the water, as it is naturally filtered  – with salts – offering care-free swimming.

Bath in sun

The pool area of the Antigone Estate offers all sun-bathing options you could imagine: open-air, under an umbrella, under the trees, by the pool, on the grass, or under our spacious kiosk with its separate dining area and bar.


Discover our pool area, a separate section of the Antigone Luxury Estate, favored for its green setting, open sun areas and privacy!

An eco friendly pool! Your healthiest option

The pool of Antigone Estate is a certified eco-friendly pool, with unique technology of Piscine Ideales: the eco pool, an awarded technology for its environmental specifications and benefits to you. No chlorine is used to filter the water, only salts through a completely natural process.